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This is a third generation company named in honor of the late Kenneth C. Norris  who have been serving the Aiken County area for over 45 years. The business names were Norris Sanitation, Curry Sanitation Service, Inc., Norris Curry Sanitation, LLC.

In the 1960's  Mr. Norris operated a small trash business that later grew with his two daughters and son-laws.  The oldest daughter Veronica (Norris) Curry and the son-in-law Robert Curry.  The second daughter Pamela (Norris) Wise and the son-in-law Larry Wise.

Mr. Norris nickname was called "Carolina" and with this name he made a lot of friends in the North Augusta area.  Many of the customers would enjoy his visits at their home whereas they would serve him tea, lemonade and sandwiches.  

In 1984,  Curry Sanitation Service became incorporated which serviced North Augusta, Belvedere, and the Midland Valley Area. The business grew with having other business closing was: Mackie, Keys, Ridgeway, Wise and Mobley Sanitation. 

In the early 80's Mr. Norris other daughter and son-in-law Pamela (Norris) and Larry Wise and their business was named Wise Sanitation.  The route grew and they serviced: Belvedere Ridge, Monticello, Bradleyville, Carpentersville, and other areas in North Augusta.

Mr. Norris fell ill in early 2000 where he was placed in a nursing home and later died on June 20, 2000.  He is deeply missed but the legacy must carry on which is now runned by his granddaughter Vernice (Curry) Taylor and her husband Anthony with the first daughter of Kenneth helping as the Financial Analyst of the business.  The business now is known as Norris Curry Sanitation, LLC. also known as NCS.